Battlegrounds are areas filled with monsters that only Warriors can battle. Each battleground has a level requirement. As warriors defeat monsters, they'll gain more experience and level up to gain access to stronger opponents.

Standard Battlegrounds

Standard battlegrounds are not rotating and always available to Warriors that fit the level requirements.

Level 0+

Level 1+

Level 4+

Level 9+

Level 10+

Level 12+

Level 15+

Level 18+

Level 19+

Level 20+

Event Battlegrounds

Event battlegrounds run for a limited time and are not permanent. Many of them cycle throughout the year, however some retire.

Sparring Grounds
The Wolf Pack
Frost Ring
Mystic Gardens
The Lion's Pride
Stormy Peaks
Harvest Carnival
Cat Warriors
Lion Warriors
Furvilla's Folly
Tournament Grounds
Furvilla Summer Picnic

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