Armored Alicorn is a unique type of Weapon referred to as a Combat Pet. They have a small chance to drop in the Serpent's Head battleground in Quetzal Palace.

Combat Stats

  • Required Level: 0
  • Slot: Weapon
  • Passive Ability: Gain the Damage Bonus:10% buff, which increases your Warrior's damage by 10%.
    Also gain the Damage Reduction:10% buff, which decreases all damage dealt to your Warrior by 10%.
    These buffs cannot be removed.
  • Hidden Ability:
    • Every turn, Armored Alicorn has a 20% chance to reduce all damage your Warrior takes by 80% for that turn. Only effective if your Warrior is faster than your opponent.
    • Every turn, Armored Alicorn has a 27% chance to
      heal your Warrior for 400 health (does not scale) and
      cleanse them of all status effects.
  • Stats
    • Speed +6
    • Fire Resistance +80
    • Frost Resistance +80
    • Lightning Resistance +80
    • Dark Resistance +80
  • Sockets: 0
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