Armor is a type of Equipment used by Warriors to survive longer during battle. They're highly defensive pieces of gear, almost always increasing a warrior's endurance, mitigation and elemental resistances. Beginner armor can be purchased in each village's equipment shop or dropped from low-level monsters, but higher level armor can only be obtained through Blacksmiths, Tailors, events, or as higher level monster drops. Only one piece of Armor can be attached to a warrior at a time.

List of all armor

Image Name Type
4206-abyssal-robes Abyssal Robes Light 15
3328-amethystine-plate-armour Amethystine Plate Armour Heavy 20
3329-amethystine-robes Amethystine Robes Light 20
3338-armour-of-the-divine-kitsune Armour of the Divine Kitsune Medium 22
2719-ascended-serpent-scalemail Ascended Serpent Scalemail Medium 10
4659-bandits-red-tunic Bandit's Red Tunic Light 5
1953-basic-clothing Basic Clothing Light 0
1957-basic-leather-armour Basic Leather Armour Medium 0
1968-basic-robes Basic Robes Light 5
4637-blackstone-plate-armour Blackstone Plate Armour Heavy 5
1954-comfortable-clothing Comfortable Clothing Light 5
1960-dark-leather-armour Dark Leather Armour Medium 10
1975-dark-serpent-scalemail Dark Serpent Scalemail Medium 10
2316-delilahs-frozen-scalemail Delilah's Frozen Scalemail Medium 10
4587-elefight-armour Elefight Armour Heavy 20
1972-fire-serpent-scalemail Fire Serpent Scalemail Medium 10
3076-flowering-plate-armour Flowering Plate Armour Heavy 10
3077-flowering-reinforced-leather-armour Flowering Reinforced Leather Armour Medium 10
1974-frost-serpent-scalemail Frost Serpent Scalemail Medium 10
2317-ginnifers-cursed-scalemail Ginnifer's Cursed Scalemail Medium 12
1966-gold-plate-armour Gold Plate Armour Heavy 10
3165-haunted-plate-armour Haunted Plate Armour Heavy 10
1959-reinforced-leather-armour Improved Reinforced Leather Armour Medium 15
1963-iron-plate-armour Iron Plate Armour Heavy 5
4049-kitsune-spirit-robes Kitsune Spirit Robes Light 10
1961-light-leather-armour Light Leather Armour Light 10
1976-light-serpent-scalemail Light Serpent Scalemail Medium 10
1973-lightning-serpent-scalemail Lightning Serpent Scalemail Medium 10
4683-links-polished-stoneplate-armour Link's Polished Stoneplate Armour Heavy 10
3302-lion-mane-hide Lion Mane Hide Light 12
3170-necromancers-robe Necromancer's Robe Light 10
3537-oasis-robes Oasis Robes Light 10
2341-perfected-steel-plate Perfected Steel Plate Heavy 15
3866-pumpkin-plate Pumpkin Plate Light 5
2340-quality-robes Quality Robes Light 15
1955-reinforced-clothing Reinforced Clothing Light 10
1959-reinforced-leather-armour Reinforced Leather Armour Medium 10
1969-robes Robes Light 10
1962-rusted-plate-armour Rusted Plate Armour Heavy 0
4638-sandstone-plate-armour Sandstone Plate Armour Heavy 5
1970-scholarly-robes Scholarly Robes Light 10
5018-sea-shell-armour Sea Shell Armour Medium 10
1965-silver-plate-armour Silver Plate Armour Heavy 10
4660-silvered-tunic Silvered Tunic Light 5
1967-simple-robes Simple Robes Light 0
3811-spectral-armour Spectral Armour Heavy 10
1958-standard-leather-armour Standard Leather Armour Medium 5
1964-steel-plate-armour Steel Plate Armour Heavy 10
3331-studded-leather-armour Studded Leather Armour Medium 15
4661-tanned-tunic Tanned Tunic Light 0
4639-thatchers-earthen-moss-plate Thatcher's Earthen Moss Plate Heavy 5
2321-the-legends-armour The Legend's Armour Heavy 20
4658-tunic Tunic Light 0
3515-unsettling-feathercloak Unsettling Feather Cloak Light 7
2329-unusual-rusted-plate-armour Unusual Rusted Plate Armour Heavy 7
3523-warriors-boxers Warrior's Boxers Light 0
1956-winter-clothing Winter Clothing Light 10
1971-wizard-robes Wizard Robes Light 10
3521-zeboran-space-suit Zeboran Space Suit Light 10
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