Animal Husbandry is a career you can assign to your villager. You can buy pets and breed them from the shops or you can go out and collect some animals to breed, but you'll have to tame them first.

"Animal Husbandry is ready to begin finding and taming animals immediately, though it may take a while to start seeing profits."

The following costumes give a +10% domestication chance when applied to a villager of the Animal Husbandry career:


Collecting an Animal takes 30 minutes, though it is not always successful. If the Animal Husbandry villager is affected by a minor illness or if your village is under attack, this time doubles to 60 minutes.

To collect an animal, click an empty Stable on your villager's Career page and click 'Collect Here'. While collecting an animal, villagers cannot domesticate or breed other animals, but you can still transfer fully domesticated pets into or out of that villager's stables.

It is possible to find animals of higher Color Rarity.


Wild-caught animals start out with 0/10 domestication. Animals must be fully domesticated to be transferred to a player's inventory, put up for sale in a stall, or be given to a Villager. However, animals can be transferred from one Animal Husbandry villager to another regardless of domestication, as long as the receiving villager has an empty stable.

Domesticating an animal takes 10 minutes, though it is not always successful. If the Animal Husbandry villager is affected by an illness, this time doubles to 20 minutes.


In order to breed, you must have a male and female animal of the same species. As long as they are the same species, the animals can be different colors. Males can be bred at any time, but females have a cooldown time. This cooldown time is not affected by selling or transferring the animal. New animals obtained from collection or breeding start out on cooldown. A breeding potion may be used to change the sex of an animal to the opposite sex.

To breed the animals, click an empty stable in your Animal Husbandry villager's career page, select "Breed Here," and choose the two parents you want to breed. The offspring will be created instantly in the empty stable. The offspring's domestication value appears to be an average of the two parent's domestication values.

When breeding, the color rarity of offspring is based only on the highest color rarity parent. The other parent has no influence. There is currently no difference in offspring from Rare or Super Rare parents.[1]

Highest Rarity Parent Offspring Rarity
Common 95% Common

5% Uncommon

Uncommon 92.5% Common

5% Uncommon

2.5% Rare

Rare or Super Rare 92% Common

5% Uncommon

2.5% Rare

0.5% Super Rare