Amulets are a type of Equipment used by Warriors to fight during battle. They have a vast array of abilities and passives, which means there's an amulet for just about every situation. Beginner amulets can be purchased from the Recycler or dropped from low-level monsters, but higher level amulets can only be obtained through Crafters, events, or as higher level monster drops.

List of all amulets

Image Name
4203-abyssal-amulet Abyssal Amulet 10
2394-alvas-terrifying-frost-amulet Alva's Terrifying Frost Amulet 14
3847-amulet-of-the-undead Amulet of the Undead 2
3543-awiqus-amulet Awiqu's Amulet 7
2050-backlash-amulet Backlash Amulet 5
2034-battle-cry-amulet Battle Cry Amulet 5
2395-caeos-earthen-barrier-amulet Caeo's Earthen Barrier Amulet 10
2062-chaos-bolt-amulet Chaos Bolt Amulet 5
2319-charlottes-counterspell-amulet Charlotte's Counterspell Amulet 7
3024-creeping-frost-amulet Creeping Frost Amulet 10
2060-dark-matter-amulet Dark Matter Amulet 5
2281-deadly-feint-amulet Deadly Feint Amulet 5
3655-deep-blue-sea-amulet Deep Blue Sea Amulet 12
2041-defend-amulet Defend Amulet 5
2042-defensive-stance-amulet Defensive Stance Amulet 5
2279-depleted-amulet Depleted Amulet 1
2758-desolated-amulet Desolated Amulet 1
2047-destruction-amulet Destruction Amulet 5
3781-diminish-amulet Diminish Amulet 5
2035-dirty-trick-amulet Dirty Trick Amulet 5
2036-disarm-amulet Disarm Amulet 5
2404-drained-amulet Drained Amulet 0
2399-earth-barrage-amulet Earth Barrage Amulet 10
2398-earth-bolt-amulet Earth Bolt Amulet 8
2400-earthen-shield-amulet Earthen Shield Amulet 10
4586-elefight-amulet Elefight Amulet 10
2048-ember-amulet Ember Amulet 5
2045-enchanted-flames-amulet Enchanted Flames Amulet 5
2039-endure-amulet Endure Amulet 5
2052-energizing-amulet Energizing Amulet 5
2038-execution-amulet Execution Amulet 5
3546-faelis-cursed-amulet Faeli's Cursed Amulet 10
2276-fire-form-amulet Fire Form Amulet 9
2044-fireball-amulet Fireball Amulet 0
3538-flash-amulet Flash Amulet 1
3074-flowering-amulet Flowering Amulet 11
2043-fortify-amulet Fortify Amulet 5
2280-fortune-amulet Fortune Amulet 10
2059-frost-bolt-amulet Frost Bolt Amulet 0
2277-frost-spike-amulet Frost Spike Amulet 10
2057-frost-volley-amulet Frost Volley Amulet 5
2046-furious-flames-amulet Furious Flames Amulet 5
2065-fusion-bolt-amulet Fusion Bolt Amulet 5
2278-grand-heal-amulet Grand Heal Amulet 10
2066-heal-amulet Heal Amulet 5
3262-hidden-earth-amulet Hidden Earth Amulet 10
2049-hidden-flames-amulet Hidden Flames Amulet 5
2058-hidden-freeze-amulet Hidden Freeze Amulet 5
2204-hidden-power-amulet Hidden Power Amulet 5
2055-hidden-zap-amulet Hidden Zap Amulet 5
2056-ice-barrier-amulet Ice Barrier Amulet 5
2389-intimidating-roar-amulet Intimidating Roar Amulet 6
4237-jade-dragon-amulet Jade Dragon Amulet 15
2051-jolt-amulet Jolt Amulet 0
4046-kitsune-spirit-amulet Kitsune Spirit Amulet 10
3780-lifeforce-lightning-amulet Lifeforce Lightning Amulet 10
3778-lightning-blast-amulet Lightning Blast Amulet 10
2763-lightning-form-amulet Lightning Form Amulet 12
3777-lightning-storm-amulet Lightning Storm Amulet 10
3299-lion-roar-amulet Lion Roar Amulet 10
3545-lors-amulet Lor's Amulet 15
2064-minor-healing-amulet Minor Healing Amulet 5
2402-naturalise-amulet Naturalise Amulet 10
2403-peaches-poison Peaches' Poison 10
2061-pollute-amulet Pollute Amulet 5
2401-quake-amulet Quake Amulet 10
3654-runic-amulet Runic Amulet 15
2053-sap-amulet Sap Amulet 5
2054-shock-amulet Shock Amulet 5
2067-soothe-amulet Soothe Amulet 5
3810-spectral-amulet Spectral Amulet 10
3782-spell-siphon-amulet Spell Siphon Amulet 10
3779-sudden-shock-amulet Sudden Shock Amulet 7
2037-sunder-amulet Sunder Amulet 5
2312-thatchers-amulet Thatcher's Amulet 10
2040-thorns-amulet Thorns Amulet 5
3336-travelers-amulet Traveler's Amulet 22
3544-tremors-amulet Tremor's Amulet 20
2063-unstable-elements-amulet Unstable Elements Amulet 5
2275-vampiric-blessing-amulet Vampiric Blessing Amulet 7
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