(2019) The Tournament Grounds - Very Difficult is one of the event Battlegrounds for 2019's Olde Foxbury Festival. This difficulty is filled with many Boss enemies from other battlegrounds. Endgame gear, with high potency and crystals, will be required to defeat the boss enemies that may challenge you here.

  • Your Warrior must be at least level 10 to participate in this battleground.
  • It consumes 1 Battle Charge.


Weaker Enemies

All enemies from the Easy, Medium and Difficult difficulty show up here as well.

Notable Enemies

Sorcerer Wolf
Aeron quickly found earth magic to lack a certain.. finesse; they opted to fully invest their studies to the more traditional fire magics.

Canine maiden
Link trained with conviction since his last appearance in the Frost Ring, and has surpassed all expectations. He found that while it was easy to use consumables to fight his battles, he had unparalleled might that he could harness to much greater effect. He never did get over his love for healing potions, however; they're strangely addictive.

He's been working on his build a little.

Lisaar, The Night's Finale
Reaper horse
It wasn't long into unlife Lisaar discovered a new found passion for suffering - her suffering alone would not suffice. Fortunately, a trace of sanity remained as she found her way to the battlegrounds of Furvilla where she could fight those who would willingly suffer her magics.

After all this searching, he finally found it - what makes him unique... it was himself all along - he no longer needed to masquerade to fit in. The answers he was searching for were with him the whole time, he is.. himself, and he need not be anyone other than that.

Stormy moth2
Esper was quick to adapt outside of the Stormy Peaks. Somehow, their enigmatic evasive prowess is amplified beyond the storm.

Rali, The Undefeated
He was shy to out perform his owl friends way back when; this time, however, he's holding nothing back.

Siru, Enraged
His tireless pursuit of anti-magic technology left his mind a chaotic shambles. Some say this made him a much deadlier combatant, but the cost of such a pursuit was not trivial.

Ana, Empowered
Ana, Empowered
She dances with her spear ever so elegantly, as each strike is made with intent and purpose. To her, combat is nothing more than a dance, one she has rehearsed a thousand times over.

Vali, The Invincible
Royal wolf
After opponents found out ways to revoke his evasiveness, Vali was hard at work making a new build that would render his attackers blows harmless.

Loot Table


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