(2019) The Tournament Grounds - Difficult is one of the event Battlegrounds for 2019's Olde Foxbury Festival. Plants and seeds are an extremely common drop in this difficulty. The stronger enemies here will require some higher level or event equipment in order to defeat swiftly.

  • Your Warrior must be at least level 8 to participate in this battleground.
  • It consumes 1 Battle Charge.


Weaker Enemies

All enemies from the Easy and Medium difficulty show up here as well.

Notable Enemies

Gala prince dad
A creature of elegance and power - he's promised to temper his abilities to ensure his opponents have a fighting chance.

She enjoys being warm and cosy - however, that does not mean she enjoys being lit on fire.

Virli, Dark Sorceress
She actually enjoys bright colours, but always found a certain.. allure in dark magic, hence the name.

Corvid viking
Ysiyl is largely a warrior by trade, a mercenary of sorts - and, consequently, one of the most renowned fighters Furvilla has ever seen. So you might be wondering why you haven't heard about him until now? Maybe you've been living under a dome in the ocean.

Steampunk wolf
Saul's vitality has only increased since his last venture. He's been honing his skills a little, too!

Jewllery Gryphon
Leon has retired his unconventional methods of battle for the tournament.

Faeli, Terror of the Wastes
Notoriously ferocious, Faeli wanders the land in search of... foes, to terrorise.

Sorcerer Rabbit
Thatcher has recently been working on defensive tools utilising his famous earthen magic. It's left him somewhat distracted, but his experiments seem to have yielded some success.

Damien has continued to work on his earth magics, though due to stylistic choices has also dabbled in frost magic.

Rodent peasant
She's not even that angry.

Loot Table


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