The Dark Woods is a Event Battleground that showed up again during 2019's Harvest Carnival, with additional enemies and a different loot table.

  • Your Warrior must be at least level 1 to participate in this battleground.
  • It consumes 2 Battle Charges.


Bonedoggle took the phrase “it’s what’s inside that counts” literally, and has lead a movement to reveal the evil bones of Dragonsmaw Manor’s most controversial celebrities. He’s wanted in several districts for the crime of bone theft, has never commented on the goodness or badness of his own skeleton, and thinks invertebrates are divine creatures.

Velosiconti S'forza
She’s got a wife on the other side who guides her deck as she tells your fortune. No soothsayer anywhere in Furvilla is as accurate as this power couple, but beware to mind your manners; if you flirt with either of them, the other may become enraged and lay down a multi-generational curse upon your family.

Lialvick, The Decayed
Lialvick met an untimely death at the hands of a necromancer. The necromancer, however, would raise Lialvick as one of his own.

Marwol, Time's Madness
Steampunk fox
Once a renowned monster hunter, his time in the dark woods has driven him to madness - he attacks all that approach him, regardless of their intention.

Rodriguez, Purger of Evil
Angel dragon
Equipped to slay monsters, his piety knows no end. However, blinded by faith he intends to purge all those that would dare venture into the woods - for none here but him can be pure.

Caspre Twinklehorn
A controversial authority on hexology and enchantment theory, Caspre is well known for challenging her critics to magic duels so she can “demonstrate.” She calls this behavior “peer review.”

The Dreaded Sinner

Zaroif, the Feral
After one fateful night in the woods, Zaroif would never be the same. Once a noble dragon, he now hunts his own as prey.

The Matriarch
This mysterious figure wanders the wilderness of Dragonsmaw, seeking forgotten souls killed by monsters and laying in abandoned graveyards, raising them from the dead for a second chance in un-life. She cannot speak, but greets everyone with the most passionate hug in existence. Her robe is full of tiny water bottles and snacks for the living.

Once a simple lumberjack named Almond, she fell in love with a fierce alpha werewolf and begged to be bitten so she could leave the lumbermill and be one with the woods. Aldergash now runs with the pack and her love burns with the force of a thousand hearts- and a thousand hearts is exactly what she plans for her engagement gift to be!

Superia ven Acava
A famous and respected blood connoisseur from a noble lineage. Her reviews are published weekly in a prestigious newspaper in the Dragonsmaw capital city, and she's never missed a deadline. Opportunistic and enthusiastic, she'll try anything once- warm blood, cold blood, blood pudding, blood tofu... blood from you.

Rotten Wiley
The creator of the very first spooky costume, mostly forgotten by history after being murdered by his sleazy partner and having his designs stolen. Back from the dead, Wiley's planning a comeback with a line of fur-based clothing, and your pelt looks absolutely perfect!

Doctor Ido Watiwant
Reality is arbitrary in the paws of the self-proclaimed Doctor Ido Watiwant. This master alchemist is on a mission to make sure every villager is comfortable in their own bodies. They change their form to whatever they feel like, whenever they feel like, sometimes even mid-conversation!

Loot Table



  • This version of the battleground is much easier than the original as the level requirement was lowered.
  • Even after all the nerfs, Aldergash was removed from the battleground a few days into the event. When she returned, her Regeneration ability was gone as it was too powerful against weaker warriors. This ability gave Aldergash a buff that healed her for 700 every turn.
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